Full name Lannister Kobe Stark is the main character in Immortal Heroes. He ha yet to realize he has feeling for Arya. He loves to spend time with his dragon Bone.

Dark MagicEdit

He is the main character. He is easy going, dramatic, cocky and usually stays on task. He loves to overreact. When he is in battle he is lousy and is usually injured. When his loved teacher Salazar died he ran away. It's revealed how he got The Ultimate Power and why Dark Snake wants him dead. He was born on the planet Zozan. His mother died giving birth to him. He was born August 11, 12011. His Uncle Scooter took care of him until he was murdered by Snakes Empire. If someone hurt someone he loved he would make them have a slow, painful death. When he had a nightmare he had no fear.Ls is not afraid to speak the truth, even if it means hurting someones feelings. He is shocked when he found out that he and Golgoth were brothers and their father was Zeus.

War of the WatersEdit

To Be Completed


To Be Completed